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I'm Sam! Personal Chef, Fitness Coach & Holistic Wellness Advocate

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Welcome to FitBunch: all things human

Mind, Body, Soul.

When I think of wellness, it is from the inside out; if I am disconnected from myself, how will I know how to care for myself?

I am Creator/Personal Chef at FitBunch Meal Prep (est. 2018), a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer at Dawson CrossFit, and current student enrolled with Precision Nutrition.

I have spent the last decade exploring the earthy, naturalistic path to overall wellness, and building upon the principles that fit my family's needs. I do not believe in any one direction, and it is my hope to guide you to your own interpretation of Wellness through Intuitive Health Coaching.

What started Meal Prep?

Meal prep started with the belief that the food industry (I'm talking big corporations) really aren't in it for what is best for us. People are getting sick. Our recipes have removed some of the biggest contributors: refined sugar and wheat, gluten, most dairy, artificial flavors, preservatives, and toxic fillers just to name a few. We source whole food ingredients and aim to keep the meals simple, yet flavorful. Our goal is to help you supplement your lifestyle in a way that leaves you feeling good.

Live a life you L.O.V.E.

Time is a big aspect to living a life that feels good. As humans, we pay for everything with our time first. I've hacked the simple way to a more holistic lifestyle, and bypassed all restrictions and loads of what would otherwise feel like work!

In this blog space I'll share tips on vitality and stories as I walk my way through personal coaching. When I have something good to say, you can find it here!

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